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The Application Process

The application process for a summer camp job or any other international job is lengthier than that of any local job in your country of citzenship. Rest assured, we work with you to make the application process as simple as possible. While the process is lengthy, it is fairly simple and SNS staff are always on hand to help you with your application.

The process is broken into 5 easy steps!

STEP 1 - Complete the initial application, which can be found here. Answer all questions fully to let us know who you are and what skills & experience you have. When asked about your experience in different skill sets, keep in mind that relevant experience does not have to be through paid employment - education, internships and volunteer work is very relevant and in many cases qualifies as work experience.

STEP 2 - Schedule a Phone Interview. Let's chat; we think you may be a good match. If your application matches the skills that we are looking for, we'll be in touch to schedule an interview.

STEP 3 - Begin your online profile & visa documentation.Let the fun begin! If you pass the interview, you can join the SNS team! Yay! The next step is completing your online profile & visa documentation. This is the really important stuff – such as your work experience, references, and highlighting any skills and qualifications that you have. We'll be there to help you along the way!

STEP 4 - Camp Placement Where in the U.S. will you end up? The stronger your online profile, the more opportunities you'll have. As part of Step 4, you will have one or several skype interviews with camp directors. You MUST respond quickly to all inquiries and schedule interviews in a timely manner in order to secure a position and be considered for the program. Successful interviewees will be offered a position. Once you accept a position, you are ready for the final Step.

STEP 5 - Finalize your visa paperwork & complete the visa process. Almost there. Schedule and attend your US Embassy interview, order your Background Check and Medical Form, complete all other outstanding paperwork. Now it's time to book your flight and pack your bags!


Depending on what time of year you apply, the process may take a few weeks or several months. This is because Camp Directors do the majority of their summer hiring during the peak hiring season (December to March). However, applicants are reviewed year-round. Give yourself the best chances of finding a placement by applying before the peak hiring season (before December).


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