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At SNS, we focus on finding exceptional applicants to staff phenomenal camps. Our program participants primarily come from the UK and have certifications / qualifications to lead and assist specialized camp activities, such as sailing & other water sports, ropes & rock climbing, videography & film editing, horseback riding, tennis, gymnastics, etc. We work with a limited number of exceptional general counselors - typically those with on-going education in or a degree in teaching / child education. We accept a limited number of applicants into our program each year (roughly 20% of applicants are accepted). Working with limited numbers of applicants, not only ensures that each applicant is thoroughly vetted and screened, but also allows us to focus on creating the best experience for both the applicants and the camps.

If you'd like to work with us, please register your camp below. To learn more about SNS or to find out more information about our organization, please contact SNS at 916-760-8128, or contact the Program Director James Kavanagh at james@snssummercampstaffing. You can also read more about SNS on the about us page.

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