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Privacy Policy

Overview: Information you, the applicant, provides to Stars N Stripes Summer Camp Staffing will be shared with camp directors and staff and other hiring organizations for the purpose of identifying and securing a job placement. Your information will also be used and shared with goverment and visa processing agencies, strictly for the purpose of securing your temporary J-1 Summer Camp Counselor work visa. Stars N Stripes Summer Camp Staffing will not share your personal information with other third party agencies except for those for which information is needed to secure your job visa. As part of the J-1 visa process, you will be required to supply personal information to other third party organizations, such as your passport number and date of birth, to obtain background checks and work visas which enable you, the participant, to be eligible to work in the United States under the J-1 Summer Camp Counselor visa. Information you supply will not be used or shared with other 3rd party advertising agencies for any purpose or use outside those uses stated on this website.

For the purposes of the Privacy Policy, the following words are defined here and will be used within the Privacy Policy.

  • "StarsNStripes" means Stars N Stripes Summer Camp Staffing.

  • "You / Your" means any applicant that applies through the StarsNStripes website.
  • "Website" means any websites which StarsNStripes owns and operates, including, www.snssummercampstaffing.com

  • "Act" means the Data Protection Act 1998.

  • "Personal Information"= information that relates to a person, which can solely identify or assist in identifying said person, and which is held by StarsNStripes or is likely to be held by StarsNStripes. This includes, but is not limited to Your name, address, email address, telephone number and date of birth.

  • "Terms & Condition"= Terms and Condition, which you the applicant, must agree to in order to use the Website. Review the Terms & Conditions here.


    - It is StarsNStripes's policy to take all necessary steps to ensure that Personal Information held by StarsNStripes is processed fairly and lawfully and StarsNStripes will take all necessary steps to implement this policy. All StarsNStripes employees and contractors who have access to Personal Information are obliged to respect the confidentiality of that Personal Information.
    - It is StarsNStripes's policy to ensure that all relevant statutory requirements are complied with.
    - You can find out what Personal Information StarsNStripes holds about You by sending an email request to the following email address: contact@snssummercampstaffing.com. StarsNStripes reserves the right to charge You a fee of up to £10 for handling Your request. StarsNStripes will acknowledge Your request as soon as StarsNStripes is able to and should StarsNStripes be prevented from disclosing Your Personal Information StarsNStripes will give You reasons for Our refusal.


    - In order to provide the services offered by the Website and to administer the running of StarsNStripes, StarsNStripes may need to hold certain Personal Information. Except to the extent that StarsNStripes is required to or permitted by law or as detailed in this Privacy Statement, any Personal Information which StarsNStripes collects will be used solely for the purposes of verifying Your identity and providing or facilitating the services and activities of StarsNStripes and the administration and running of StarsNStripes.
    - StarsNStripes may collect additional Personal Information that You volunteer while using the Website. Where StarsNStripes collects such additional information, StarsNStripes will make clear the nature of the information being collected and the specific purposes for which it will be used. You will have a choice to opt out of providing such information.
    - We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children


    - Personal Information may be transferred by StarsNStripes or StarsNStripes's partners to countries outside the European Economic Area (the "EEA") in order to provide or facilitate the services and activities of the Website and the StarsNStripes business . We will not however, transfer Personal Information to countries which do not offer an adequate level of protection for Your rights and freedoms in relation to the processing of Your Personal Information and we will do our best to secure agreements from all those receiving the data to comply with all current best practice. By using the Website, You consent to any such transfer.
    - In addition, if You put Personal Information on publicly available parts of the Website this will be accessible to persons in countries outside the European Economic Area. You should understand that such countries which may not have data protection laws as comprehensive as those that exist in the EEA.
    - StarsNStripes may disclose Personal Information about Website visitors to other staff within StarsNStripes. By using the Website, You consent to any such disclosure. In addition, in certain circumstances StarsNStripes can legally be required to disclose Personal Information about You without telling You or obtaining Your consent.


    Sometimes StarsNStripes might get someone else to process Personal Data held by StarsNStripes on behalf of StarsNStripes. StarsNStripes will monitor on an ongoing basis compliance with the provisions of the Act by any such third party processors.


    StarsNStripes may from time to time use Your Personal Information to send You information by email about StarsNStripes and other information that You may find useful. If You do not wish to receive this information You will be given the option to unsubscribe or contact StarsNStripes directly at contact@snssummercampstaffing.com


    Please notify StarsNStripes if any of your Personal Information is incorrect. If you would like StarsNStripes to delete any Personal Information StarsNStripes holds about You, please contact StarsNStripes at contact@snssummercampstaffing.com.


    StarsNStripes may change this Privacy Statement at any time and without a personal notice to You. You should check this Privacy Statement for changes regularly.