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What will I earn?

Let's take a minute to be real - you aren't going to get rich working at summer camp. But... summer camp is about more than the Benjamims (aka "$$" for non yanks).


With all of this being said, we still offer a pretty sweet deal, and as far as we know, we offer the highest wages & lowest visa fees. General counselors will earn up to $1800 and special skills counselors will earn up to $2100. Keep in mind this is a minimum that we require and some counselors make more than this. Your final camp salary is dependant on your experience and relevant qualifications.


Program costs - 2018

We hire fewer staff, which requires less overhead costs and more money in your pocket. Cha-Ching. We only charge you for your visa fee, which covers the cost of processing your work visa (J-1 visa) and your medical insurance for up to 60 days. See below for further details about medical insurance.

Your visa fee is collected in three installments. If you would prefer, you may pay the total fee upfront, versus in installments. You must make payments at the scheduled time in order to remain active in the program. Because we operate in America and we work with all nationalities, we've listed our prices in US dollars. We've provided approximate currency exchange rates, but rates fluctuate - it's advised to check your countries currency exchange rate for the most up-to-date prices. The total fees paid to Stars N Stripes are $400 (US).

Program fees are different for domestic applicants that do not require a visa - see below for details.

#1: Deposit - $85 (£63, €76, A$111, NZD$117, C$109): Your deposit is non-refundable. You will not be asked to make a deposit until after you have been interviewed and accepted into the program. A deposit is part of your visa processing fee that is collected upfront. It secures your place in the program and goes towards your total visa costs.

#2: Second Visa Payment - $150 (£112, €134, A$196, NZD$207, C$193): is collected after completing Step 3 (Online Profile) of the application process. Once you have completed your profile, we will begin matching you with a placement at an amazing summer camp! This fee is refundable if no position is identified - see below for details.

#3: Final Visa Payment - $165 (£127, €116, A$216, NZD$228, C$217): is collected during Step 5 (Finalize Your Visa). This fee is not collected until you have been offered and accepted a position with a summer camp.

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Indirect costs associated with the J-1 visa

The fees below are required to complete your visa. They are paid directly to the listed third parties.

Interview at US Embassy - $160 (U.S.): Required for all J-1 visa participants.

Medical Examination - varies, contact your local GP for pricing: We provide the medical form to be completed by your doctor. Because the form does not require a medical examination, many doctors provide this service for free.

Sevis - $35: This fee is collected when you schedule your U.S. Embassy Interview.

DBS check / Criminal records check - Varies - £50, A$50, € price varies by country, NZD$ free:

Roundtrip Airfare - $400 - $1000 (US): Flight costs vary greatly, depending on type of flight, carrier, and final destination. We found staff wanted more flexibility in their flight decisions and costs, so we don't bundle flights into the program package. You can purchase your airfare from any source. We are more than happy to help you with finding the good options, just ask us.

Medical Insurance - 60 days included. Any day over 60 days = $1.50/day: The average camp contract is 60 days. Therefore, insurance is covered for 60 days. If you stay in the U.S. past 60 days, wether to work or travel, you will need to purchase additional insurance. Medical insurance only covers medical issues, this is not a travel insurance. This insurance is required to enter the U.S. on a J-1 visa and must be purchased in addition to any insurance you currently have in your home country.


The Deposit is non-refundable. The remaining program fees paid to Stars N Stripes are refundable if cancellation is a result of a death in the family, or a medical reason (both of which must be accompanied with an official letter). If we are unable to find a placement for an applicant, the program fees (less the Deposit) will be refunded, unless a placement has been offered and declined through no fault of Stars N Stripes; an applicant has prolonged responding to interview requests outside of a reasonable timeframe (36 hours); an applicant has failed to provide required documents within the peak hiring season; or an applicant has falsified or withheld any documentation or criminal history that prevents against the applicant being placed.

Applicants not needing a visa:

#1: Application Fee - $40: Your application fee secures your place in the program and is non-refundable. You will not be asked to complete your application fee until after you have been interviewed and accepted into the program.

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