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Visa Fees

CONGRATS on moving forward with your application! In order to secure your spot and to move forward with each step, you will need to complete your Visa fees. If you are unsure of when a Visa fee is due, either speak with your camp coordinator or read the Fees & Wages page.

Stars N Stripes applicants come from many different nationalities, and use many different currencies. To keep things simple, your visa fees are listed in American dollars. We've provided currency exchange rates on the Visa Fees page. Currency exchange rates fluctuate daily and the exchange rates provided on the Visa Fees page is not updated regularly. Make sure to check current exchange rates online, with sites such as XE.

When you make a payment through the paypal links below, the currency will automatically be converted to American dollars. You do not need to know the current exchange rate in order to make a payment.

No Fees are collected until you have interviewed with Stars N Stripes and have been asked to join the program.

Fee Schedule

International Applicants


VISA DEPOSIT (paid AFTER step 2) - $85

SECOND VISA FEE (paid AFTER step 3) - $150

FINAL VISA FEE (paid DURING step 5) - $165

Domestic Applicants and/or those not requiring a visa


APPLICATION FEE (paid AFTER step 2) - $40.00

Direct Placements and/or Returning Staff



Not sure what a "Direct Placement" is? "Direct Placements" are staff that have accepted an employment offer with a camp, and solely need their DS-2019 processed & visa sponsored AND/OR Returning staff that participated in the J-1 summer camp counselor program within the previous year and have been asked to return to camp for a subsequent year.

Camps handle direct placement fees differently. Some camps offer to pay for the direct placement fee, while others require the staff member to pay. Please speak with your camp to determine who will pay the direct placement fee prior to making this payment.