A penny saved

is a penny earned

Want to work at camp, but can't afford your visa fee?

Working at camp is a truly amazing, life-changing experience. It will broaden your horizons, allow you to meet people from around the world, develop & solidify your employment skills, and introduce you to parts of America that you wouldn't normally see. Working at camp isn't for everyone, it requires self-motivated, team players with lots of enthusiasm, energy, and a love for children. Before you read further, make sure that you understand the role and are interested in working as a summer camp counselor - on the Working at Camp page.

Although we charge substantially less and counselors earn substantially more (working with us) than some other organizations, we still understand that the $400 (US) visa processing cost is a bit more than many students can pay.


And this year, we're doing something about it! For the 2017 summer camp season, Stars N Stripes is offering a limited quantity of "Stars N Stripes Scholarships" to deserving applicants.

Do we have your attention?

Stars N Stripes Scholarships are not a free ride, but they do provide a significant reduction in the visa processing cost. For a select few, we will pay $250 towards your visa processing cost, leaving you responsible for just $150 (out of the original $400). There are other indirect costs associated with the visa that we have no control over, such as your flight; embassy interview, background check, and medical screening. These indirect costs, are your responsiblity, and YOU MUST have funds available to cover these indirect fees. For a breakdown of indirect fees, please visit the Visa Fees & Wages page.

Scholarship Details:

  • If successful, we will pay $250 of your $400 visa processing fee. .
  • Up to 10 Scholarships will be given.
  • Scholarships will be given on a first come - first serve basis (June - February).
  • Your scholarship will not affect your wage - you will still earn up to $1800 - $2100
  • We will put a notice on this page when the last scholarship for the 2017 summer camp season has been given.
  • You must be eligible for and apply for the scholarship in order to be considered (see below).

  • Eligibility:

    In order to qualify for a Stars N Stripes Scholarship you must possess all of the skills required of a general applicant, and in addition to this you must meet the following criteria:

  • Age: 20+ only - (this is older than the regular program requirement).
  • Experience: 6+ months or more experience working with children & a sincere interest in working with children.
  • Skills / qualifications: You must possess knowledge of a specialized skill (sorry, no general counselors) - review the skills list on the Program Requirements page for details on qualifying skills. Not all skills are listed on this page. If you aren't sure about your skill, email Rebecca to find out.
  • Availability: You must be available and able to commit to working at camp the entire summer season (beg/mid -June to mid/late August)
  • Fees: You must have the required funds available for your indirect fees (embassy interview, background check, flights, medical form), as well as the remaining balance of your visa processing fee ($150 (US), collected in installments), mentioned above.

  • How do you apply for a Stars N Stripes Scholarship?

    Send us a letter, or better yet, a video highlighting the bullet points below.

  • Sell yourself to us - why do you deserve to be considered?
  • Why do you want to work at a summer camp in America?
  • What is your experience working with children?
  • What is your experience working in / volunteering in your special skill
  • Don't forget to mention your Availability & Age.
  • And, very importantly - let your enthusiasm & personality show. The more outgoing and bubbly you are the more you'll stand out & be considered.
  • Keep in mind that this is an earned perk - we aren't just giving away money to anyone who applies!
  • When sending your email, copy & paste this in the subject line: "StarsNStripesScholarship" (without quotes). If the email is received, you will get an automatted message. If you do not get this message, please resend. If you still do not receive the automatted message, after 2 attempts, send Rebecca an email.

    When will you hear from us?

    We will review your details and provide a response within 1 week of the date you submitted your letter. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies with the scholarship will be successful in getting one. Thankfully, there are a lot of camp positions available, and while you may not receive a scholarship, you may still be eligible to participate in the camp counselor program.

    Additional reading & questions:

    Program Requirements - basic requirements for the program.
    Working at Camp - Your roles and responsibilities as a camp counselor.
    Visa Fees & Wages - for a full list of Indirect Fees.

    Questions - Call the Stars N Stripes office @ 0151 203 6129 or email Rebecca.

    Get Started!