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I had a fantastic and unforgettable experience this summer thanks to Stars N Stripes! Right from the initial stages of applying I felt that my application was being handled personally and efficiently, and I was very quickly placed on a brilliant camp in Vermont. For me, the fact that my application was being handled personally and I knew who to contact if I had any questions was reassuring and represented the main benefit of applying with Stars N Stripes. I wouldn't hesitate to re-apply with Stars N Stripes when applying another summer!

- Dominic, England

"Sns make what seems like a pretty daunting application ridiculously easy! What makes them different to other Camp staffing organizations is that as well as being so friendly and so efficient, you really feel that they genuinely care about each individual's camp experience. I felt so supported and looked after the whole time! They listen to your preferences and match you with a camp that really is tailor made for you.
I would 100% recommend over other Camp staffing agencies, Sns are super flexible and you actually get to keep your hard-earned wages. Sns were always there to answer any queries or worries I had about going to work at camp, they made the whole process run so smoothly and I felt so at ease and supported! Because they are a smaller staffing agency, Camps actually prefer to work with them as they are able to give more care attention to who gets hired, therefore quality over quantity!''

- Steph, England

"My Two Rivers Experience was a life changing and filled me with memories I will never forget. Experiencing the diverse culture change to that of the English way, was something I fell in love with. Whether that being the immense size of everything or that of the love for soccer that I attain, being able to actively coach in a serial environment in the heart of California made my summer.

For this I have Stars and Stripes to thank.

My time here was eye opening. Being able to apply myself in a field that I love and have many years’ experience in, showing young American children ranging from 7-17 years of age different ways to improve on the soccer field whilst having fun, was the main operative of my summer. Although the American fashion of camp is now hooked in my life. The chants, fun games, activities, camp fires, skit nights and even more incredibly fun activities are all something I wanted to participate in more and more.

In order for me to attain this wonderful opportunity in such a beautiful part of the world I had to go through an easy application process with Stars and Stripes. In which I had to apply on their website about myself and what I am looking for. I then heard back from them very quickly about what was happening next. I had to pay a couple of cheap fee’s which took all the pressure off of me and to them to find me the best place ever. Stars & Stripes later contacted me about a camp they had been in touch with about me and this happened to be TWO RIVERS SOCCER CAMP. I immediately said YES. I then had a few bits of paperwork to complete and send to them, and I was on my way. Stars & Stripes were always in contact making sure you knew everything they were doing, being supportive and making sure I had the best summer possible, and those cheap fee’s I paid for them to find me the best place for me in America… THEY DID IT!!! So much so that I will be going back next year and hopefully for a few more after that as well.


  • Wake up
  • Flag Salute
  • Breakfast
  • 1st Morning Activity
  • 2nd Morning Activity
  • Soccer Training
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Activity
  • Soccer Training
  • Snack Shop
  • River Time
  • Dinner
  • Soccer Training
  • Snack Shop
  • Evening Activity
  • Lights Out

  • - Matt, England


    My name is Bailey and I worked as a camp counsellor in California, the summer of 2014. 

    When starting the application process I wasn't to sure what to expect or if I'd get a placement at any camp. After applying a few days later I received an email from an SNS placement coordinator and wasn't to sure what to expect. They reassured me and talked me through the process for the application, which I found very helpful. A couple of weeks after finishing my application, I had got my first offer from a camp (Monticeto Sequoia) based in California. I was shocked and overwhelmed when I received the email but very happy at the same time. 

    The camp that I worked at was based in the Sequoia National forest in California. To be honest I had no idea where I was going, when I researched the place all that would come up was big trees. So when I was going to my placement I felt like i was walking into a different world with a blind fold on because I didn't know anything about where I was going. 

    Whilst at camp I was 1 of 5 lifeguards on site. So mainly I just lifeguarded at the pool or at the lake. The daily schedule was 1.5 hours to 30 minute rotations between lifeguards. We also had a polar bear swim which was an hour in the morning from 7:00am till 8:00am. At camp we also had evening activities, the schedule was that we had 2 nights off a week, and we had half on Saturday off and Sunday morning. 

    On our days off me and some of the other counsellors would find lovely spots in the forest to hang out or we would go on hikes or bike rides. We had lots of fun on our days off. During the summer our camp director allowed us to have a long weekend off. The weekend I had off me and some of the other international counsellors, and one counsellor from LA went to LA for the weekend and spent a few days there shopping, going to the beach, we went to six flags theme park and water park. 

    My overall experience of going to camp in California was amazing and I loved every minute of it. I'd highly recommend it to everyone that has the opportunity to go.

    - Bailey S., England
    Camp Counsellor 2014

    Summer camp counselor bailey at Montecito camp


    Stars N Stripes helped me achieve one of my dream goals and I can't thank their staff for that enough, I've had the best possible summer that I'll never forget and made friends from all over the world. SNS helped with any questions I had and with all the paperwork they checked up every week before. While I was working over there they came and visited my camp which was amazing to see and catch up.

    so thank you for changing my life.

    - George S., England
    Camp Counsellor 2016


    SNS was amazing, really friendly and helpful staff, whenever I needed anything they where there to help. I had an amazing summer and did things I will never forget all because of Stars and Stripes. Thank you!

    - Jack R., England
    Camp Counsellor 2016


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