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For the purposes of the Terms & Conditions, the following words are defined here and will be used within the Privacy Policy.

  • "StarsNStripes" means Stars N Stripes Summer Camp Staffing.

  • "You / Your" means any applicant that applies through the StarsNStripes website.
  • "Website" means any websites which StarsNStripes owns and operates, including, www.snssummercampstaffing.com

  • "Content" means any material You post on the Website including any personal data, text, documents, photographs and/or video clips.

  • "Personal Information"= information that relates to a person, which can solely identify or assist in identifying said person, and which is held by StarsNStripes or is likely to be held by StarsNStripes. This includes, but is not limited to Your name, address, email address, telephone number and date of birth.

  • "Terms & Conditions"= Terms & Conditions, which you the applicant, must agree to in order to use the Website.


    - Use of the Website by You means that You accept these Terms of Use. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate Your use of the Website on notice at anytime and for any reason (including if You breach any of these Terms of Use and/or any other documents that govern Your relationship with StarsNStripes). StarsNStripes is not liable to You for any loss or damage which You might suffer because your account has been suspended or terminated.
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    - In order to access any of the services and functions of the Website and to post Content on the Website, You will need to create a user account. Information You provide to StarsNStripes when setting up Your account must be true, complete and not misleading in any way. If any of your details change, You must notify StarsNStripes of these changes.
    - StarsNStripes may ask You for additional information after completing your user account. If StarsNStripes does request any such information from You then You agree to provide that to StarsNStripes in a reasonable timeframe and that the information You provide will be true, complete and not misleading in any way.
    - You are solely responsible for the security and use of Your account. StarsNStripes will treat any person accessing and using the Website through Your account as a breach of these Terms & Conditions.


    - You must own all the rights to any content that you post on your user account. Or if any third party owns any rights in the Content which You post, that You have their written consent to post that Content on the Website.
    - StarsNStripes will evaluate your content and if necessary, we reserve the right to deny content on Your user account.
    - By applying on the Website and by posting Content in Your user account, You are granting StarsNStripes a worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty free licence to use, host on the Website, reproduce, display and distribute that Content for the purposes of making the Website available to other users and for promoting the Website.


    Content which: is illegal, pornographic, offensive, defamatory or libellous; infringes the rights of any third party; fails to comply with any applicable laws or legislation; is untrue or misleading; encourages others to do something which is illegal, dangerous or harmful; contains any virus, Trojan horse, robot, spider, worm or other malware or any computer programme designed to bombard other users with spam; is an advert for any business or any other commercial venture; which constitutes any solicitation for funds; advertising or solicitation for goods or services ; and/or any content calculated to harm Us in any way or to harm the community in any way.


    StarsNStripes is not liable to You for any direct or indirect loss or damage You might suffer because of Your use of the Website, because of any Content posted on the Website and/or because of any StarsNStripes obligations under these Terms of Use. Such loss or damage includes any:
    - loss of business, use, profit, anticipated profits, contracts, revenue, anticipated revenue, goodwill, savings, anticipated savings, data, and/or use of data; damage to or loss of any hardware and software used by You to access and use the Website; damage to Your reputation; and/or any consequential or special loss or damage.


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    If StarsNStripes incurs any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other liability to any third party because of any Content which You have posted on the Website (which includes false or misleading conent) or because of Your misuse of the Website, then You agree to repay to StarsNStripes all such loss, damage, costs, expenses and other liabilities incurred by StarsNStripes on demand. In particular, but without limitation, this includes any claim which We may receive from a third party that any Content posted by You infringes any of their rights (regardless of whether or not that claim turns out to be justified).


    You can find out more about the StarsNStripes Privacy Policy by reading the Privacy Policy page.


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    Disputes may be resolved through discussion. If after that, there is a need for further action, U.S. courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute under these Terms & Conditions and any other document that governs StarsNStripes's relationship with You and U.S. law will apply.
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